Frequently Asked Questions

Shore excursions, restaurants, and cruise ships are all covered in detail in My Viking Journey. Before boarding, visitors can look at images, read the latest news, and book shore excursions. Members of My Viking Journey can earn awards, receive updates, and plan excursions.

My Viking Journey

These films are among the greatest ever made. Accommodations can be found here. Cultural enrichment programmes are offered to passengers on cruise ships. Each port’s history and culture are explored in a variety of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of things to learn about My Viking Journey, including how to register, log in, utilise a username and password recovery tools, and what the app’s benefits and features are. A list of frequently asked questions is provided below.

My travel agency suggested a PIF. How do you treat it?

The Passenger Information Form (PIF) enables us to generate your booking, create travel documents, and make aircraft reservations.. It is imperative that you submit a FRP for each member of your travelling party as soon as possible. Use the following link to complete the online form.

What is Viking’s libation policy for sea voyages?

With the Silver Spirits package, which costs $27.00 a person per day, you can enjoy a wide variety of beverages, including beer, wine, and soft drinks, throughout meals. There is no charge for bringing your own bottle of wine or liquor on board.

Is the boat smoke-free?

The ships of the Viking age were not known for their use of fire. Visitors who desire to smoke outside can do so on Deck 8. There are designated non-smoking areas in all other areas of the boat, including the cabin and deck, Electronic cigarettes are also subject to the no-smoking rule.

How does Viking limit COVID-19 risk for guests and crew?

An worldwide team of medical and scientific experts collaborated with Viking to build the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive COVID-19 preventive and mitigation strategy in the travel industry.