Because it caters to mature adults with an interest in geography, history, culture, food, and the arts, Viking has been dubbed “a cruise for thinking people.” A formal night, butler, or white gloves aren’t present on board to detract from the relaxed, laid-back ambiance.

My Viking Journey

Because it meets the demands of so many different people, recommending Viking is a cinch. Traveling solo, with a group of loved ones, or with your closest friends is made easier with Viking’s attention to detail and commitment to quality service. The Vikings, on the other hand, do not overdo it when it comes to status and opulence.

Benefits Of Viking Cruises My Journey

Members of the shipping company’s club receive perks and discounts that are not available to the general public. Viking Cruises My Journey has the following advantages:

Anywhere we go, people appear familiar: On Viking ships, we meet interesting people for the objectives of the voyages. Initially, it’s fun to hang out with them, but it’s not required. My Viking Journey passengers appear to be happier, more pleasant, and more comfortable in their travels than other groups’ participants.

As we’ve seen on each Viking ship we’ve been aboard, the programme director has played a key role in the overall experience. Once again, we’d be thrilled to board one of their vessels.

We enjoy conversing with fellow Viking travellers of all ages, from the age of 19 to the age of 88. While age isn’t a factor, a desire to explore the world is.

All future voyages on the Vikings Cruise Line will be discounted for customers who sign up for a one-time credit. All Viking Ocean crossings are included in the deal, and you’ll receive travel credits according on how much time has passed since your previous connection and when you make your next reservation.

As a member of Viking Journey, you will receive invitations to members-only cocktail parties, where you may interact with your fellow travellers while sipping on a gratis beverage.

Members of Viking also receive a complimentary copy of Viking’s Explore More Magazine, which is published four times a year. This fantastic publication has articles, interviews, recipes, and a variety of other fun things.